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Automotive Connectors: Fundamentals and Types

Aug. 17, 2021

Automotive electrical connectors are specifically designed for use in automotive electrical systems. Automotive systems have undergone tremendous changes, and today modern systems are widely connected and controlled by microprocessors. This has increased the need for high-quality and reliable wiring and electrical connectors. Therefore, if you choose an automotive electrical connector for your vehicle, be sure to consider its current rating, circuit density, wire size, voltage, configuration, and bonding force.


As defined by ISO standard 10487, automotive electrical connectors can be divided into the following 4 groups.

A- These are power connectors that connect the car's audio main unit to special components such as power supplies, switches, volume controls, and antennas.

B - These are automotive electrical connectors used to connect the vehicle's speakers

C - These are redundant electrical connectors used to connect special peripherals such as external amplifiers, remote controls, and CD holders

D - These optional connectors are typically used to connect to satellite navigation systems

Other automotive systems that require cable connectors include power windows, sensors, radio receivers, relays, lighting and ignition systems.

Automotive Electrical Connectors TypesAutomotive Electrical Connectors Types

Automotive Connector Types

1.Crimp connections  

Crimp connectors are available in different sizes and can effectively accommodate even the largest sizes of wiring. 5 common types of crimp style automotive electrical connectors include:

Seamless connectors

Seamless crimp connectors are usually cut from round raw material, which makes them look like tubes.

Seam type connectors

Seam type electrical connectors are cut from flat stock. They are then rolled into tubes and have seams that run the entire length of the connection.

Non-Insulated Connectors

These connectors are not insulated, so once they are crimped, they must be insulated with heat-shrink tubing using a riveting type tool.

Insulated connectors

Insulated connectors are available in different sizes and types and can be straight or spread outward. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the connector matches the outside diameter of the insulation of the wire and gauge.

Heat Shrink Insulated Electrical Connectors

This is the best type of all automotive electrical connectors and as such they are also expensive. Being waterproof, they are ideal for marine applications and under the hood.

Automotive Electrical Connectors TypesAutomotive Electrical Connectors Types

2.Mating type automotive electrical connectors

These automotive electrical connectors are mainly used in amplifiers and ignition boxes and are available in different sizes and lengths.

Connectors and plugs

Connectors and plugs are used for faster assembly and disassembly when servicing vehicles. Cable connectors make it easy to disassemble dashboards and consoles and give your wiring the same suitability as the rest of the vehicle.

AWG Wire 8

Available in sizes up to 4/0 AWG, these automotive electrical connectors are reliable for all high-current applications and can be safely used to connect battery packs on forklifts. The ends of these connectors are crimped because they are same sex connectors and their (+) and (-) can only pass one way. Therefore, your connection is error-free.

AWG Wire 8 and larger connectors provide a quick connection between the battery and charger in racing cars. All automotive electrical connectors are typically manufactured, tested and installed according to ISO specifications for passenger cars and on-highway vehicles.

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Automotive Electrical Connectors Types

Automotive Connector Types

Best Wire Connectors For Automotive

Automotive Electrical Connector Types

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