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What Qualities Should A Good Connector Have?

Oct. 23, 2021

The basic performance indicators of the connector can be divided into three main categories: namely, mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance. Another important mechanical performance is the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is actually an indicator of durability, it is inserted and pulled out for a cycle, in the specified plugging cycle after the connector can normally complete its connection function as a basis for judgment. LIZONE shows you what characteristics a good connector should have.


Mechanical performance

As far as the connection function is concerned, the insertion and extraction force is an important mechanical property. The insertion force is divided into insertion force and extraction force, the requirements of the two are different. From the point of view of ease of use, the insertion force should be low and the separation force should be high. This is related to the coefficient of sliding friction in the contact area and the dimensional accuracy of the contact arrangement. 

JST-02R-JWPF-VSLE,JST,Housing for Female Terminals,2 Position,White, sealed

JST-02R-JWPF-VSLE,JST,Housing for Female Terminals,2 Position

Electrical performance

The main electrical properties of the connector include contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength.

1, Contact resistance, high quality electrical connectors should have a low and stable contact resistance.

2, Insulation resistance, a measure of electrical connectors between the contact parts and contact parts and shell between the insulation performance indicators.

3, Electrical strength, is characterised by the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the connector contacts or between the contacts and the shell.


Environmental performance

Common environmental properties include temperature resistance, humidity resistance, vibration resistance and shock resistance. 

1, Temperature resistance, as the connector work, the current at the contact point to generate heat, resulting in temperature rise, so it is generally believed that the operating temperature should be equal to the ambient temperature and contact temperature rise and the sum of. In some specifications, the connector is specified in the rated operating current to allow the maximum temperature rise. 

High quality connectors should be able to maintain normal operation even under constant damp and hot test conditions.

2, The test conditions are 90% to 95% relative humidity and +40±20°C. High quality connectors should be able to maintain normal operation even under constant damp heat test conditions.

3, Vibration and shock resistance, which is particularly important in special applications such as aviation and aerospace, railway and road transport, is an important indicator of the robustness of the mechanical construction of the electrical connector and the reliability of the electrical contact.


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