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Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch connectors are a series of environmentally sealed connectors designed for use in harsh conditions where field serviceability is an absolute must. They are built in such a way that they can be disconnected and reconnected a multitude of times making them an ideal choice for a range of applications. Get a free quotation.


1.Deutsch connectors offer several very important protections including resistance to abrasion, impact, and moisture. These are critical factors, especially when considering use in a marine environment where the highest level of protection is necessary. 

2.Additionally, Deutsch connectors offer a range of benefits such as longevity, durability, and field serviceability. Again, these are critical factors that are especially important in a marine environment. 


From the road to the farm field and to the worksite, the electrical systems of your vehicles and equipment must stand up to rigorous conditions and all-weather environments in heavy industries. Failure in an electrical system can be expensive to diagnose and down equipment can stop entire operations. 

As one of the leading deutsch connectors distributors, Lizone can provide a wide range of the product, including DT Series,DTM Series,DTP Series. If you are interested in these products,please feel free to contact us.

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